Angel Flames Birthday Cake Candles with Colored Flames 2 Packs (12pcs per Box, Holders Included)

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Colorful Birthday Candles



  • Features 5 different colors: red, purple, green, blue and orange. For best color flame effects, please use the candles in dark environment.
  • Pack of 12 candles. Candle holders included.
  • Burning time: 8 minutes. Size: 55mm in length and 5mm in width.
  • Made of Non-toxic material and won’t give off harmful smoke or combustion gases.
  • Warning: The flames are hard to see in bright light so NEVER leave burning candles unattended. Do NOT let children or pets touch the candles or lean over them. Keep away from flammable items.

Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 8 × 10 × .5 in


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